Dez Wells reportedly on UK campus

Multiple sources reported Wednesday that former Xavier guard Dez Wells was on the UK campus today. Wells was expelled from Xavier for a violation of the student code of conduct, but a grand jury declined to indict him of a criminal offense.

In his first interview since being kicked out of school, Wells spoke with on Tuesday night. "It's been tough, but I am honestly thankful for everything Xavier has done for me."

The allegation against Wells turned out to be sexual assault. He insisted it was consensual and a grand jury decided not to pursue it.

He went on to tell, "I didn't think the process was fair. I went into it as guilty and having to prove my innocence instead of them having to prove that I was guilty. I feel like everyone rushed the process and panicked. They went with a gut feel. I understand the severity of the accusations. Rape is one of the highest felonies in the world, but I think they just panicked."

Wells admitted in the interview he shouldn't have put himself in the position that led him to being dismissed from school. Wells is 6-5 and averaged almost 10 points and 5 rebounds in his freshman season at Xavier.