Frankfort's Hawkins looks like Lorenzen

He stands 6-1 and a half and weighs 250, but when you look at Frankfort's Chris Hawkins, someone else comes to mind. "Everybody at football camps, 7-on-7, call me Jared. Jared Lorenzen. I guess because I'm left-handed, I'm big, #22, and I can't do anything about it," says Hawkins with a sly grin. Chris got the number 22 from his father when he was in second grade...that was 10 years ago. Frankfort coach, Craig Foley, knows what to expect when people see Hawkins, "Every place we go that's the first thing out of their mouth especially if we've got on our blue jerseys. Oh my gosh! That's Jared Lorenzen, that's Jared Lorenzen!"
The resemblance is uncanny and Hawkins agrees. "I've actually met him in person and he's actually watched a couple of my games. I've talked to him and I guess we look alike." You could say that! One thing Chris Hawkins does, is embrace the constant comparisons. "Chris laughs it off," says Foley. "He's got a good personality with it and he's dealt with it long enough it doesn't even phase him anymore. He takes it and goes on and if he can make the plays, he will take the compliments all day long, or the comparisons." Hawkins likes the fact people point the similarities. "He was a good quarterback and did what he had to do and that's like me. I'm pretty good, I guess, and I do what I have to do."