Georgetown College hosting 1972 Olympic reunion

Lexington, KY (WKYT) - The 1972 Olympic games in Munich, Germany will be remembered for many things: swimmer Mark Spitz winning seven gold medals; Israeli athletes murdered by Palestinian terrorists; and the U.S. lost for the first time in Olympic basketball competition.

All 12 members of the U.S. basketball team will gather for the first time since that controversial game at Georgetown College this weekend.

On Friday, a series of seminars detailing the 1972 games will be open to the public beginning at 9 a.m. at the Thomas and King Center.

The weekend concludes with a dinner on Saturday, which is now sold out.

Former Georgetown All-American Kenny Davis was a guard and the captain of the U.S. team.

"Emotionally, we went from the top of the world to the bottom in about three seconds," Davis told 27 SportsFirst.

That's because the United States appeared to have won the game, after Doug Collins sank two free throws with three seconds remaining, to give the Americans a one-point lead.

After the Soviets inbounded the ball, officials stopped the game. The clock was reset to :03, despite protests from the U.S. team. Alexander Belov took a full court pass and scored the winning basket for the Soviets.

"We were just in shock," Davis said. "We sat around the dressing room for probably three or four hours just totally wiped out from what had just taken place."

The U.S. appeal was denied, so the Americans voted to not accept the silver medal. They returned home feeling like the gold medal was taken away.

"We just felt like we needed to make that stand, and after 40 years, nobody has accepted that silver and I don't think anyone ever will accept it," Davis remembered.

Davis says it's in his will that no family member can ever accept the silver medal.

Doug Collins, head coach of the Philadelphia 76ers, will be the keynote speaker at Saturday's dinner. Former Wildcat Larry Conley will host the event.

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