Goodwin discusses decision to leave UK

LEXINGTON, Ky (WKYT) - Archie Goodwin surprised many when he announced he would be leaving UK and declaring for the draft. Just two weeks prior, Goodwin stated that he and his teammates would be "delusional" to leave.

Last week Goodwin said that after talking to his family and a few people whose opinion he values, the decision to leave UK felt right.

"I just knew in my heart, and my heart was telling me to leave, said Goodwin. I felt like I did what I needed to do here. We might not have had the season we wanted to have, but I feel like I've done enough to where I am comfortable enough to leave."

Kentucky will bring in another top rated freshman class in 2013, but Goodwin says that didn't play into his decision to leave UK.

"They are all going to be great players, and I felt if I came back we would be an even better team. At the same time, I felt it was my time to go no matter if they were coming or a completely different class was coming."

Goodwin knows there is negative criticism and questions about his ability to perform at the next level.

"I realize how immature people can be so I just laugh at it. I don't even pay that much attention to it. People have their own opinion, but at the end of the day it's not making me any money."

Goodwin admits that his one season at Kentucky didn't turn out as planned, but UK will always be a special place for him.

"Just to be able to play for the tradition here. A lot of guys want to but don't have the opportunity to, so I'm just blessed to be apart of the Kentucky brand forever."

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