Hawkins propels Madison Central in humble fashion

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Madison Central guard Dominique Hawkins is an incredible athletic talent. However, his demeanor and his smile are something you don't see everyday from a star player.

Indians' coach Allen Feldhaus, agrees.

"After 27 years of coaching experience, I've had some really good players, but I don't think I have ever had one of those good players to be as humble and as coachable as Dominique Hawkins is," Feldhaus said.

Hawkins' smooth running style on the gridiron translated to more than 2,200 yards rushing in two seasons. His skills are even better on the basketball court.

Hawkins recently became the first Madison Central player ever to score 2,000 points and is the school's all-time leading scorer.

In typical Hawkins fashion, he took it in stride.

"Yeah, it's a big honor", Hawkins said as he flashed that smile. "I'm just blessed to be able to have 2,000 points and I want to thank my teammates, because I couldn't do it without them. They get the assists and help me out and my coach, he stays on my butt, and that helps me too."

For such a prolific scorer, Hawkins' personal attitude reflects his game. He seemingly always defers to his teammates, and, at times, is ordered to shoot by the coaching staff.

"I've got more confidence in my jump shot and I'm shooting a lot more I feel like."

Hawkins has led Madison Central in scoring each year of high school, but his game has changed.

"My freshman and sophomore year, I remember they (the defense) used to sag off of me", Hawkins explains. "Now, in my junior and senior years, they play tight because they know I can shoot a little bit more now."

Who's the best all-around high school player and one of the top people in the state? You don't have to ask Feldhaus twice.

"I know who my vote for Mr. Basketball is going to go to," says Feldhaus. "I'm going to talk him up as much as possible and not for what he does just on the basketball court. What he does as a person and in this school and the way the teachers feel about him and the way we feel about him as coaches. The way the whole community feels about him. I don't think I have ever heard a negative word about Dominique Hawkins."

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