Hockey coach inspires team

LEXINGTON, Ky (WKYT) - As another season winds down and with graduation nearing, there's still hockey to be played. It's senior night for the Lafayette Generals. A special night for 12 young "Gretzkys" playing one final home game.

One final chance for head coach Steve York to belt out old glory. It's not coach York's ability to sing that stands out. Rather it's his inability to see.

"Right now I'm using what I think are my instincts. I go by sound, I go by sense. I can't explain it, but I believe it works, said York. "I go a lot by my instincts, and I couldn't tell you where those come from. Sometimes I think they come from 79th and Sistro when I was 12 years-old."

79th and Sistro, the block in south Chicago where York grew up in foster care. Without a family, without an identity but with a sport on skates.

"I was on the ice and had a jersey. That's what I wanted was to be apart of a team."

A team like the Lafayette Generals, who own a record of 8-5-2 this season.

"We've all gotten really good, and I think this is our year. This is our time to shine," said senior Conner Gaines.

Seventeen fearless Generals blindly following their leader into battle.

"It's a lot of fun," said senior Matt Trommer. "It's fun to tell friends and look at their faces when they're like, how does that work?"

"I do everything by Chicago gut. That's all I can say."

A coaches way to give back with the help of a stick and a puck.

"I believe that I am going to do now in life with the people that I run into, I'm going to do to them what I wished that I had had done. I'm going to love them, I'm going to help them and take care of them, and I'm going to make them laugh and have fun."

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