Hundreds of elementary students rally around Cats

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - In the Big Blue Nation some of the smallest fans are the biggest fans.

About 600 elementary students lined the halls of Julius Marks Elementary Friday afternoon, chanting like it was game time.

The students painted their faces, marched with signs and cheered their hearts out as teachers stomped on red feathers.

“It’s a little chaotic and crazy but that’s just how it should be,” said fifth grader Kirsten Mason.

The organized chaos prepped the young fans to watch the Cats take on their rivals in Friday night’s Sweet 16 showdown.

Lynn Poe, the principal, says she saw the opportunity to unite the students through the Big Blue Bash pep rally after the Cats beat Wichita State.

She says since the Cats have been playing well in the NCAA tournament, classroom learning breaks have turned into March Madness dance breaks.

Poetry brackets, instead of basketball brackets, now hang in the hallways.

The school mascot was also changed from a jaguar to a wildcat taking a healthy bite out of a cardinal.

It may not be the picture of a typical elementary school, but isn’t this what March Madness is about afterall?

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