Ice cream surprise follows practice

Lexington, Ky. (WKYT) - The Kentucky Wildcats enjoyed a surprise after Wednesday afternoon's practice, the first in full pads. Joker Phillips is so pleased with his team's effort through the first five days of fall camp he treated the team to ice cream.

Coming off the practice field Phillips said, "They're working hard, they really are, they're working really hard in extreme heat and we just thought we'd throw them a bone today."

Phillips called Wednesday a good practice and said he was really excited about depth at running back and competition. "Obviously our running backs have imrproved over the off season and we had some good additions to the program also that bring depth and competition to the position."

Phillips wouldn't say who was ahead at running back, Coshik Williams finished last season as the top back. He is pleased that his top three backs, Williams, Jonathan George and Raymond Sanders are showing an interest in special teams. "You very seldom see starting backs with that type of attitude and that will just rub off on those young guys. That's the type of attitude we have to have and not just that position, every position."