Joker talks defense, looks for improvement against Kent State

UK coach Joker Phillips came off the practice field Wednesday and talked about his team's defensive woes and the importance of putting a good performance on the field Saturday night. Kentucky plays Kent State in Commonwealth Stadium with kickoff at 7:30.

Phillips talked about alignment problems with his defense which had been brought up earlier in the week. “The alignment, every play you’ve got an alignment, assignment and an adjustment. A lot of times we didn’t get adjusted. Teams just traded a tight end, moved a tight end from one side to the other. You’ve got to reset the fronts. We’ve got to get reset sometimes. A lot of that has to do with the guys who are making the calls, which are our backers.”

And Phillips was asked about the importance of playing well in the home opener. “I get that. We’ve got to put a better product on the field, especially a better one than we saw Sunday. There was some improvement, especially offensively. We’ve got to make those same type of improvements on defense, and be more consistent in what we do on defense. We didn’t do anything consistent. We didn’t stop the run. We didn’t stop the pass. We’ve got to stop the pass.