Joker's future brought up Monday

The question of Joker Phillips' future as coach at Kentucky was raised again today at his weekly news conference. Phillips said he talks to athletics director Mitch Barnhart regulary but nothings changed. Earlier this season Phillips said he and Barnhart talk, but not about his coaching job.

After Saturday's 33-10 loss at Missouri, dropping is team to 1-8, Phillips kept his sense of humor when the question of talking to Barnhart came up. "I was going to tell you guys last week after I left. Yeah, Mitch and I have talked, we've been talking about an extension.."
After laughig and saying he was just kidding, Phillips said. "No, no it hasn't changed, we have talked. Again it's "how you doing, I'm doing good, it's just small talk, talking like friends do, weekly."

Phillips has one year left on his contract. The Wildcats come home to play vanderbilt Saturday afternoon looking to snap a 7 game lsoing streak. Vanderbilt has won two in a row and with a 4-4 record is still hopeful of becoming bowl eligible.

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