Kinchen continues to KO the competition

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LEXINGTON, KY (WKYT) - - Sarge Farris has been around the art of boxing for 35 years. He knows talent when he sees it. In Samantha Kinchen, he sees a rising star.

"When that bell rings, she's got one thing in mind. to take it to you. she's very relentless," says Farris.

Kinchen is only 17-years-old and has been boxing for just five years.
Already she is the best female boxer in the nation in her weight class. Kinchen started boxing thanks to her younger brother.

"I'm really competitive," Kinchen says with a smile. "Just seeing other boxers, beating other people up. I was like, you know what? I can do that."

Kinchen has lightning fast speed, she comes at you from all angles, and is tenacious in the ring.

Farris agrees.

"Samantha has tremendous power in both hands. She does have hands of stone."

Farris also doubles as Kinchen's sparring partner on occasion and knows he can hit hard.

"Trust it from me, I've been hit enough by those hands."

In a short amount of time, Kinchen is the talk of women's amateur boxing. Her unique style draws some incredible comparisons from Farris.

"Professional fighters, like Roberto Duran and Mike Tyson. That's very rare in the sport of women's boxing."

Kinchen likes the fighters like Duran, Tyson, even former heavy-weight champion Rocky Marciano.

"I just like a lot of the heavy hands. The heavy punchers. I like them."

At 17, Kinchen is a four-time national champion, considered the greatest in the country right now. She's on pace to beat the mark set by the greatest of all time -- Muhammad Ali. The Louisville native had 10 national titles in his amateur career. Farris adds to the conversation of Kinchen's future.

"I think you're looking at a potential Olympic gold medalist in Samantha and a world champion in women's boxing. Be the first here in the Lexington area."

Kinchen has her mind set on one of two goals.

"Obviously I'm shooting for 2016 (Olympics), but if that doesn't happen, I will still shoot for the 2020 with my brother (Thomas). I think that would be awesome."

Kinchen said getting to box alongside her brother would be special.

"That's just what this sport is, it's a family thing for us. To be able to go to something that huge and accomplish that goal together would be awesome."

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