Lexington's girl wraps up first high school baseball season

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Dunbar sophomore Sloan Cromwell made Lexington history back in February, becoming the first female in the city to make a high school baseball roster. This past week, Cromwell and junior varsity teammates wrapped up their season.

"The time I got to play, it was very fun and I thought I played at my fullest potential," Cromwell told WKYT. "I really got to show everyone what my skills really are."

Technically, her defensive skills were very good back in February and they got better as the season went along. However, Sloan still had to deal sometimes with the stigma of being a girl in a guy's sport.

"Probably having to deal with some of the high school boys, it's a lot harder than I thought it was going to be," she said. "It was definitely something to overcome."

Three months ago Cromwell said she needed to get stronger, especially in the batter's box, because some of the pitchers can be overpowering.

"I think facing these new pitchers, being at a high school level, it was definitely more difficult, because they were throwing harder. I think I was able to adjust and hit the ball as I usually would."

Cromwell did what few thought was possible, but next year as a junior at Dunbar, she will face her most challenging obstacle yet.

"Next year will definitely be harder, because I have to make it to the varsity level," Cromwell said. "But being able to experience what I had to this year, I'll know what I have to work on to make the team next year."

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