Manziel suspended for one half by NCAA

LEXINGTON, KY (WKYT) - 2012 Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel of Texas A&M will has been suspended, for all of one half!! The NCAA has suspended Johnny Football for the first half of Saturday's opener against Rice. The agreement between the NCAA and Texas A&M officials apparently closes the book on whether or not Manziel received money for signing thousands of autographs.

Manziel had been in an intense spotlight of criticism signing autographs in the Miami area around the BCS National Championship game. ESPN reported autograph dealers claimed that Manziel accepted payments to sign thousands of footballs, photos, jerseys, and other memorabilia last January in Connecticut.

NCAA investigators and Manziel spent close to six hours on Sunday answering questions pertaining to the autographs.

EDITORIAL QUESTION: If the NCAA can find no wrong doing, why is Manziel suspended at all?

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