Mark Pope ignites UK fans again

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Mark Pope played a key role in Kentucky winning the 1996 NCAA title. He is now an assistant coach at BYU and was unable to attend Wednesday night's ceremony in Rupp Arena to receive a championship ring. Pope still managed to bring the house down with a video message on the jumotron.

During a first half timeout, Pope told the fans how much he wished he could be in Rupp Arena. He said it was impossible for him to describe how much he loves UK, his teammates and the fans. Saying he would try, Pope stripped off his coat and tie, and with a Kentucky uniform on underneath, spelled out C-A-T-S.

Current UK coach John Calipari coached against the 1996 Wildcats tiwce. Calipari said the players were terrific because they sacrificed more than any team he'd ever seen.

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