Mays gives Cats a leader

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Last summer John Calipari said Julius Mays would come in and give his team exactly what it needs. Heading into Friday night's season opener against Maryland, Mays is proving Cal right.

The shooting guard from Marion, Indiana transferred to UK from Wright State with one year of eligiblity. Mays is a proven outside shooter but hes also proven to be a leader on the court. "Well he's not afraid to be vocal", Calipari said after Monday's exhibition game with Transylvania. "Ya know, he'll talk to the guys defensively on the court, where they should be, what they should have done."

Mays is aware, with so many young players, his experience counts. "It's important for me to keep doing what I'm doing. Guiding guys and ya know, even when coach Cal's coaching, pulling them to the side and giving them a few words of advice from the old guy."

Calipari singled out one trip down court from the Transy game when Mays didn't hold back. "We all dove around and the ball went right near Alex (Poythress), and he didn't dive on the ball. The one where Julius tipped it from behind, like 'right we're getting it', and Alex didn't dive for it, just let it go. He went up and said something, 'come on man, dive on the ball, go get that ball for us.' So he's not afraid to say it and I think these guys really respect him."

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