Morehead preparing for Bahamas trip

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) – Morehead State coach Sean Woods was in midseason form on Wednesday, stopping his team’s practice to point out a mistake made by one Eagles player.

Woods and his team are in the middle of a 10-day practice session before heading to the Bahamas, where the Eagles will play three exhibition games.

“It’s like a retreat-type situation,” Woods said of the upcoming trip. “You get to know each other more. You talk about things that you normally don’t. You’re put into positions socially that you don’t do in everyday situations on campus.”

Woods says he’s been part of trips abroad both as a player and a coach. Nine out of 10 times, he says, those teams have gone on to postseason play.

“We get to see who’s got what,” he explained. “Try different combinations. The new guys get acclimated quickly with game-like situations. We get to grow sooner, rather than later.”

“We’re doing things now that we wouldn’t be doing until November or December,” he added. “That’s a big advantage.”

Morehead State, along with a handful of other teams including Kentucky, will play more experienced international teams in Nassau. NCAA rules prohibit U.S. teams from playing each other.

“We’ll probably be a step ahead of a few teams that didn’t get to play this summer,” guard Brent Arrington said.

LSU transfer Corban Collins agreed.

“A lot of schools who are able to do the foreign trips, are the ones playing in March.”

Morehead State leaves for the Bahamas next Friday.

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