Morgan County returns to football following challenging offseason

It's a new season in Morgan County. On a brand new field.

"It's an exciting thing going into this first home game, thinking about where we were just a few short months ago," said head coach Brian Turner. "Now we're ready to play football here in West Liberty Kentucky."

When the Cougars take the field Friday night against Estill County, it will be a home game many didn't think was possible.

"I was trying to figure out how to sell an all away game season."

" When the tornado first struck they told us that we wouldn't have a football field here and we would have to play way games all year," said Joe Holbrook.

The March 2nd tornado that ripped through the community of West Liberty, destroyed homes, businesses and the high school football field.
" Everything was gone and it was tore all to pieces and there was metal and glass stuck in the field," said Holbrook. "It just looked awful."

"We were walking on this field and looking at this area that looked like a nuclear bomb hand went off, debris everywhere and we had lost everything."

Everything but the ability to perserve and thanks to the efforts of this community and several others surrounding, the Cougars will play a home schedule.

"We're a survival type people, we're strong willed and we're determined and so we want to play here in front of our people, they deserve to see a good football team."

"When you look into the stands and the entire place is filled, it fills your hear knowing that you have their support and you're making them feel good," said Larrin Collins. "It's like an escape route from everything that's happened around us."

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