Myers and West top contenders at center

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - As Kentucky's football camp moves into its second week, offensive coordinator Neal Brown says Zach West and Zach Myers are the leading contenders at center.

West, out of Lexington Christian, started every game on the line last season but he played left guard. "It's a new position for me. I got to practice a little bit in the spring. I did a little center in high shcool, this is a whole new level of it. The technique's definitely different and it's a big cerebral position, you've got to know a lot about the offense and a lot about the blocking techniques."

Myers is a redshirt freshman from Miamisburg, Ohio who really came on in the spring. "Getting all those reps in the spring has really helped me develop as a center. I made a huge strides during the srping because I felt I was able to get in there and really rep it a lot."

Center is a critical position for the Cats uptempo offense. After Monday's first practice Neal Brown called quarterback and center A and 1A. "We can see a lot of the blitzes that are coming," said West. "We call all the blocking formations and what backers we're gonig to and we can see the blitzes coming off the edge." Myers likes the relationship with the quarterbacks. "We work together on the same page, so they talke a little bit off of us but it's also we take a little bit off of them as well. I mean work together to be on the same page."

A decision could come by the end of the week, so it's an exciting time.
"It makes everybody give everything that they have, noth that they haven't been," West said. "Maybe pump it up to see everything they've got. You might see some guys laying on the practice field afterwards, just so they can get that position."

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