More than 800 turn out for Stoops in Louisville

More than 800 fans turned out Thursday for Mark Stoops at the Greater Louisville Alumni Club luncheon. Stoops brought coordinators Neal Brown and D.J. Eliot with him for the event at the International Convention Center.

Stoops told the fans he believes he's well prepared to be a head coach. "I was never one of those guys that I felt I needed to be a head coach in a real hurry. I figured the opprtunity would come. I actually was offered some jobs prior to this one that I didn't feel were the right situation, but I just wanted to continue to prepare myself."

Offensive coordinator Neal Brown described how he plans to handle the competition for the starting quarterback job. He wants to be sure Max Smith, Jalen Whitlow and Patrick Towles all have a fair shot. "We'll do what we call a 2-spot, where we'll split up and we'll have three different units. And maybe the one-on-one offense is going at the same time, the two offense is going against the two defense, so you can get more quarterbacks reps. So we'll look at some of those things, we'll be creative with how we form practice and make sure that all three get equal reps."

Defensive coordinator D.J. Eliot said the players have bought in. "They're believing in what we're doing and they're doing what we ask of them right now." Eliot said Stoops has done an excellent job as a head coach.

Stoops will appear Friday, August 2 at the UK Kickoff Luncheon at the Hyatt in Lexington. The Wildcats first practice is Monday August 5.

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