Poythress soars for slam

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Sophomore forward Alex Poythress soared high for a second half slam in Tuesday night's game with Texas A&M, but does he think he's the highest flyer on the team?

"Yeah sometimes I do." said Poythress. "People might joke around saying I got the most hops on the team but I don't think so, but I guess I do. I think Dom (Dominique Hawkins) does, Dom is springy now. When Dom decides to get up there he can get up there."

Poythress scored 16 points and pulled down 5 rebounds in Kentucky's 68-51 victory over the Aggies. "He made plays that were like, how did he make that play?" asked coach John Calipari. "And that's how we got a little gap, we got to 11 because of him. And then we made a play or two and all of a sudden it was 16-17, but that was, ya know, a lot of it was just him."

Poythress said he believes he had something to prove coming back for his sophomore year and his hard work is paying off. "You put in extra work, good things will happen to good people. Ya know, you get what you get, you get what you do in basketball. If you don't work hard, bad things will happe. , If you do work hard good things will happen."

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