Pulaski Co. hopes to win final game

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Pulaski Co. finished the 2013 season in Bowling Green, but came up one win short of a state championship. The Maroons led by two touchdowns in the first half, but would lose the game to Bowling Green High School.

"I think as a team, the one thing that we learned most from that game is that we need to get in better shape, because that team was a much bigger team and a lot faster than us,” defensive lineman Hunter Merrick said. “As you could see in the first half, we came out strong, and in the second half, they just had more than we did."

“We have guys on this team that have played in a state championship game, so that experience is very valuable. But at the same time, we have to be sure that we don't rest on last year's accomplishments," coach John Hines said.

Hines knows this is a brand new year.

"The great Bill Parcels once said, ‘you can't pick up where you left off last year. Each year you start brand new.’"

Pulaski Co. is led by one of the top quarterbacks in the state, junior signal caller Riley Hall.

"I think we're actually ahead of our team last year,” quarterback Riley Hall said. “Everybody is excited to be here. We're all enthusiastic and ready to get on the field."

"He makes a big difference in this offense. Without him, we'd be average," running back Caleb Cox said.

"You know Riley's had two incredible seasons, as a freshman and sophomore. His statistics really rival Tim Couch when you look at some of the numbers he's put up, but he's not satisfied with that," Hines said.

Despite the team’s success, the Maroons are one of the smallest 5A teams in the state.

"Everybody is bigger than we are,” Hines said. “We look like a middle school team it seems like, but the one thing that I think might be an advantage is that we have a little bit of quickness."

The expectations are to win that final game in Bowling Green.

"Expectations are really high, but we've got a lot of work to do to live up to any of that," Hines said.

"We've just got to keep our heads on straight and realize that we've got to work for what we deserve,” Hall said. “That's what we're trying to do."

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