Randle ready for draft, denies skipping workout


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Julius Randle says he's not nervous about Thursday's NBA Draft and he has a sense of where his name will be called.

Speaking in New York, the former Kentucky power forward said he really wants to enjoy the process."Just to enjoy it all and ya know, just have an open mind." said Randle. "I have no nervousness about tomorrow at all, haven't been nervous yet, so I'll be fine."

Randle has always been projected as a lottery pick and most mock drafts have him going in the top ten. "To be 24 hours away from a lifelong dream is pretty amazing to me." said Randle. "Still surreal, ya know I can't really comprehend it all right now. I mean I've gotten good feelings from teams, I'm not gonna say who. Ya know you can never be 100 percent sure."

Randle said a report that he passed on a second workout with the Boston Celtics to discuss style with GQ magazine was not true. "As far as turning down for the GQ, that's inaccurate, that's completely false. I mean the GQ thing was 15-20 minutes, I could have did that today. But that's completely false."

Randle acknowledged he did have another opportunity to workout for Boston. "But as far as turning down a second workout? I don't know if you'd say I turned it down, but it was my option to go or not. I mean I feel like I worked out for them once. I mean I had the longest college season of anybody. What was the point of me going back?"

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