Ski jumper Morgenstern gets all-clear after crash

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SALZBURG, Austria (AP) - Austrian ski jumper Thomas Morgenstern is recovering well from skull and lung injuries he sustained in a ski flying crash Friday, leaving open the possibility of competing at next month's Sochi Olympics.

Doctors at the Salzburg emergency hospital say they have given Morgenstern "the definite all-clear" and his recovery has been "very satisfying."

Austria ski jump head coach Alexander Pointner says he will leave a spot for Morgenstern in his Olympic team "open for as long as possible. I hope the chance will be there. I'll leave the door open for him."

A three-time Olympic champion, 27-year-old Morgenstern crashed while training for a ski flying World Cup. He lost balance in the air and landed on his back and head. He briefly lost consciousness but was responsive again shortly afterward.

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