Stoops and Cats eager to start season

It's finally game week, Kentucky opens against Western Kentucky Saturday night. As his first game as a head coach draws close, Mark Stoops hopes to get some sleep. "Hopefully a little bit." Stoops said at his first weekly news conference. "I'm excited but feel good, feel good about the preparation we've done so far, tidy it up this week."

Stoops has been a busy man since he was named head coach eight months ago. His team started practice August 5th. "Its been good really the last month, just get in there and work on football for the most part. But I'm just excited."

The Cats are coming off a 2-10 season. Stoops and his staff have tried to instill confidence. "Keep your head high, be proud of what's across your jersey," said running back Raymond Sanders. "Believe in yourself, keep believing. You've got to just be confident in yourself and your abilities and believe in yourself and your teammates."

Stoops has said many times the season opener is important and he said it again Monday. "I think this game is very important. There's a lot of excitement around our program right now and around the state, and nationally really. So it's time for us to go out there and prove it and see what we're all about and I think I'll be excited about it and our team will be as well."

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