Stoops on Barker and Elam

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - UK's Mark Stoops has unprecendented talent in his 2014 class including quarterback Drew Barker and defensive tackle Matt Elam. Stoops spoke Wednesday afternoon of Elam's play making ability and Barker's leadership.

Stoops called Barker a natural leader and showed that by recruiting others to the class. "I mean we joked about that and I saw articles about people joking about him being the unofficial recruiting coordinator." said Stoops. "But that was all on him. We don't direct him to do that, were not allowed to direct him to do that, nor would I do it. He just has the ability to be a leader."

Elam is listed at 6-7, 375 lbs. and he'll need to lose some weight, but Stoops calls him a play maker. "He is a play maker, he's not just a big body in there taking up space. He is extremely ahtletic. I tell ya, when Neil (Brown) and I went and watched him play, watching him stretch, I was amazed. Because he could sit down, he was so athletic, so limber. He could sit indian style, he was stretching and just his flexibility amazed me."

Rivals ranked Kentucky's class No. 17 in the nation. Scout ranked it No. 19 and ESPN No. 20.

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