Cats have SEC talent and depth at two positions

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On Wednesday's SEC teleconference, UK coach Mark Stoops said his team has SEC-caliber talent and depth at only two positions: defensive end and running back.

"Probably just the two positions." said Stoops. "I wouldn't even say on the inside of the D-line. I would say our D-end spot and our running back spot are two areas where I feel pretty good about. Outside of that, we're not quite there yet."

Stoops said it definitely helps his team to be solid at those two positions.

"It's not fun to be thin at any position. It hurts you in so many ways, in just your preparation, the way you practice, how physical you can be, how long you can practice, all those things. It slows the development of your program when you're not deep enough. And like you've heard me say so many times, we're a work in progress in that area. I feel much better about the talent level at a lot of these positions."

Stoops will open his second season at Kentucky Saturday with another team that lacks experience.

"It's just the inexperience. That's tough and that's frustrating. Just like I just said, when you're counting on four true freshmen at wide receiver, obviously it's very difficult. But it is what it is, and we've got to push those guys and develop them. I do feel better about those two positions. I feel like we have some talent at some other positions that we need to just be more consistent and continue to develop those guys."

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