Stoops says he's on track, likes quarterbacks

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - UK football coach Mark Stoops was relaxed and smiling as he sat down with WKYT Wednesday morning at the Nutter Center. Stoops beleives his plan for the program is on track, he likes his quarterbacks and he's looking forward to spring practice next month.

Stoops has been around the game his whole life, he's from a football family. But last summer he started laying out a plan for the day he would become a head coach. "I did take some time in the offseason and before last football season, in the summer, on my own time to start putting some thoughts together and start getting a plan and putting it in place. Because I knew once you got in season, you don't have time to do any of that."

So he landed at Kentucky well prepared and he's off to a great start. Stoops created a buzz around the program, hiring an impressive staff and pulling in the highest rated recruiting class UK has ever had. Right now it's where he wants it to be: "I feel like we're on track and that's something, I wanted to do my part, I wanted to be on task. Because I haven't been a head coach and I didn't want, ya know there's no time for a learning curve with that."

Stoops likes the attitude of the players already in the program. Ultimately, come September, he'll have to win with those players. He singled out Avery Williamson as a leader on defense. The only poisition on offense that's really caught his attention is quarterback. "Just what I've seen so far I'm very encouraged with what we have. I think we have some quarterbacks with a lot of talent that are very motivated to win and to lead this team. So I've been encouraged with what I've seen so far."

Spring parctice starts March 18th and Stoops will learn much more about his first Kentucky team. He'll also learn more about himself as a head coach. "Theres some things day to day that I'm still learning and fighting may way through. But I feel very comfortable in the role so far, and nothing thats thrown me for a loop too bad, too far yet."

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