Superstitious fan brings lucky hat to Indianapolis

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INDIANAPOLIS, In. (WKYT) - Wildcat fans are notorious for game superstitions. WKYT's Sam Dick caught up with a Corbin man in Indianapolis. He has something, that to him, is priceless, and part of helping the Cats win.

Some call it "the flame hat."

"I've had a whole lot of people ask me where they could get a hat like this one, and I have no idea," says Dave Huff, the owner of the magic hat.

Huff, a retired pharmacist, from Corbin, bought his lucky hat in 1976. Although he's not sure where he got it from. The label inside says Magic Company. His son, also named Dave, claims the "magic hat" serves an important purpose.

"I can pick him out anywhere in Rupp Arena, there's no one else who has that flaming hat," Huff's son says.

The hat is very well travelled and has been worn to several championships.

"(The hat has been to) Joe Hall's win in St. Louis, it's been to Rick Pitino's in New York, John Calapari's in New York, and we're hoping to go to Dallas and bring back another one (championship title.)"

Is the hat magic? Maybe.
But, is it a lifesaver? It could be.

Huff wore his lucky hat the day he came out of Rupp and suffered a heart attack. Huff says that it's possible that he got too excited after the game.

"We won though, and that is the main thing," said Huff about his heart attack. "My boys beside me picked me up and threw me into the wagon."

The now-famous hat will be on his head when UK plays Michigan for a chance at the Final Four.

When asked if he will take anything for the hat, Huff urges that it's not on the market.

"No, not for sale, not for sale. My favorite son is going to get this hat."

Huff has two sons to choose from, when deciding who will inherit the lucky hat.

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