Towles must be comfortable

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - When Patrick Towles takes the field in the season opener to quarterback Kentucky he will be nervous. The plan is to keep him as comfortable as possible.

Towles, starting his first college game, has the opportunity of a lifetime. He needs to feel good about every play called.

"He can trump me, if he doesn't like a play, we'll take it out." said offensive coordinator Neal Brown. "There's no sense, if we've got any pass play that he doesn't feel comfortable with or he doesn't see, I'll just ask him."

Towles appeared confident with the game plan when he spoke early in the week after practice.

"He's not going to call anything that we're not comfortable with," Towles said. "It's the stuff that we like, the stuff that we're comfortable with. The stuff we've been successful with during the week is the stuff we're going to run on Saturday."

Kentucky opens the season Saturday with UT-Martin in Commonwealth Stadium. Kickoff will be at Noon on the SEC Network.

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