UK begins SEC tourney; fans ready to cheer them on

ATLANTA (WKYT) - UK and LSU face off in the SEC tournament on Friday night. This is Wildcats' first game of the tournament. LSU beat Alabama in order to play UK. The game is at 7:00 p.m. on WKYT.

UK fans have been in Atlanta all day, ready to support their team. Kentucky has more fans there than any other school. The Georgia Dome will be a sea of blue and white when the game tips off. Hundreds of fans attended a pre-game pep rally hosted by the UK Alumni Association. Fans are fired up to cheer on the Cats!

"Former postal clerks. We put in our time at the post office and we use our retirement money to follow the Cats," says Marsha Poe.

"They asked what we did for a living. I said 'we follow UK around'. He said 'how does that work out?' I said 'It doesn't pay well, but it is a blast'," says Joe Crain.

The last SEC tournament at the Georgia Dome was in 2011. That's the last time the Cats won it. They've won a total of 27 SEC titles, more than all other schools combined.