UK students wait to score coveted Championship seats

DALLAS, Tx. (WKYT) - This season will come to an end tonight for fans who have lived and breathed every moment its ending on quite a special note.

The eRUPPtion Zone at Rupp Arena is always rocking and the traveling version will be tonight thanks to some students we found early this morning.

There are thousands of seats inside AT&T Stadium and getting the right one is important.

"We got here this morning at 6:30 a.m.," said UK student, JD Hammer.

When the sun came up in Arlington this morning, these die hard UK students were already line for that coveted front row seat in the student section.

In this group of students there is experience when it comes scoring the closest courtside seats.

"We know what it takes, we know what it's like," said UK student Sal Olivet. "This is nothing to us."

Hours of waiting includes tweeting, sleeping and studying for neuroscience exams.

JD Hammer is a first year UK med student and he admits studies usually come first except on a day like this.

"We got a few hours of lecture today," said Hammer. "But you know I want to be here for the game. So, I figure I will study a little while I'm here and enjoy the championship tonight."

Tonight's game is extra special for senior Sal Olivet.

"This is actually our third Final Four," says Olivet. "We were there in Houston, we were there in New Orleans when we took it all and we are here in Dallas when we are going to take it all tonight."

This wait is so important and these students don't mind when it comes to being front row to witness history.

"It was the coolest sports experience I've ever had in my life, it was just an unbelievable feeling and just absolutely incredible to be there from start to finish and be a part of this magical run," said John Whitaker, a UK student.

It will be an exciting night for these students and a memorable way to cap off four years of being at UK.

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