UK's Barrett meets his namesake

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LEXINGTON, Ky (WKYT) - Kyle Barrett has played in 31 games and is batting a team best 351. Out of Douglasville, Georgia, Barrett was not recruited by anyone in the SEC. So the freshman reversed the recruiting process and approached the Cats.

"I sent Coach (Henderson) a letter of interest. I've always been a huge UK fan. So, I tried to do whatever it took for me to get here," said Barrett.

UK assistant coach and recruiting coordinator, Brad Bohannon, remembers his first impression of Barrett.

"Coach Green and I both watched him play everyday for four straight days and saw get him about 12 hits and fly down the line. I said we have to have this kid in the program."

What the coaches didn't know was Kyle was coming to UK, no matter what.

"I committed before even visiting here", said a beaming Barrett. "I had never been on campus. I knew I wanted to go here, so it's a dream come true."

Bohannon says he wished he could take credit for signing Barrett, but the youngster from outside of Atlanta basically signed himself.

"It's crazy. Sometimes you recruit a kid for three or four years and beg them to come here over 20 other schools. Kyle actually reached out to us and sometimes it's better to be lucky than good."

Barrett is a leadoff hitter, in some ways, the point guard of the offense. Barrett has a story few know about. He is named after one of UK's most beloved basketball players, who happened to be a point guard.

Barrett saying proudly, "I was actually named after Kyle Macy. I know he always wore No. 4. I was No. 4 (in high school) and he was great point guard. I was supposed to be Kyle Macy Barrett, but my mom didn't want the Macy so I had to be named after my uncle Andrew. So, that's where my name came from."

The UK rightfielder had never met his namesake, so WKYT arranged that on Wednesday.

Kyle Macy (entering the UK locker room) "I heard there is another Kyle in UK athletics. How ya doin'? I'm Kyle Macy."

Barrett's expression was priceless, "Oh wow!! It's an hon-honor", Barrett said with a stutter because of his admiration and surprise.

For Macy, it's a nice honor to have someone named after him who also plays at UK.

"Oh yeah, it makes you feel good. You have to wonder about his parents though! No, I'm kidding. It's nice to have someone come up and say I named my son Kyle. It's when they say I named my dog or my cat after you that gets kinda weird."

The younger Kyle gave the former All-American a brief tour of the locker room and they talked a little baseball.

"You know, athlete to athlete it's kind of natural to ask what it was like being here before I was here and how things have changed. Meeting him was just great."

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