Vitale praises Cal, didn't think he'd win title

ESPN's Dick Vitale was in Lexington Friday visiting with campers at John Calipari's Basketball Experience. Vitale spoke glowingly of Cal and his ability to mesh players for the common good. That is winning the NCAA Championship. Vitale didn't think he would do it.

Speaking with reporters Friday afternoon, Vitale said Cal was perfect for the UK job. "Never worry about John getting players. He will find a group of players that will fit his desires, his system and his need. He's a masterful recruiter, I saw that ability. Vitale went on to say Calipari is one of the few who could coach the Cats. "To be a successful big time coach, this job could only be really for a limited few."

Vitale went on to say he didn't think Calipari would win a title at Kentucky with the roster changing so much every year. " I think what's amazing and I think he should get a lot more credit for is the fact that you can blend new players, new kids so quickly that perform at such a high level. That's so difficult to do and that I really admire him for. In fact I''l be honest, I didn't think he'd win a National Championship here, I really didn't, under that scenario with a change of personel almost every year."