Why not Kentucky?

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - It was one of the most anticipated signing days in Kentucky football history. One of the highest rated classes in the programs history. Many have already asked these guys, why Kentucky? To them the answer is simple.

"Why not?" said Thaddeus Snodgrass. "Why not? This is like the great place to be in right now with all the.. They had a pretty bad season last year but the Kentucky nation fans is thriving for a great season so I think this is the best place to be at right now."

"The legacy of this class is why not." said Mikel Horton. "I'm about to continue that you know. Why not be here? Why not go to the NFL? Why not win a national championship? It's all dependent on us."

Quarterback Drew Barker has been the face of this 2014 class and played a big role in putting this class together.

"You know on the day that I committed I said that we were going to have a top 15 class and I think we're at 13 right now." said Barker "You know it's just pretty awesome to see it all happen and I'm just really excited to play with all these guys."

"Ever since I committed I've been trying to help get more guys to come to the program and this day just solidifies all of it." said T.V. Williams. "Seeing the names go up on the board. It's a tremendous feeling."

"Thirty years from now I want to be on a 30 for 30 for ESPN" said Horton. "You know why is Kentucky undefeated and winning national championships in a row so many times and telling my life story. So that's why I chose here."

Seven of these 28 commits are already on campus, already enrolled in classes, already getting a head start on turning around the UK football program. On the University of Kentucky campus. Lee K. Howard WKYT.

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