Willie Cauley-Stein's new look

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - "Are we going to talk about basketball?" That was Willie Cauley-Stein's reaction after he was hit with question after question about his new hair style. The Cats had just defeated Boise State 70-55 and Cauley-Stein blocked nine shots.

To go along with the nine blocks, Willie also pulled down seven rebounds and scored six points but his hair was the hot topic. "Just boredom," was how Cauley-Stein explained it. "Spend a lot of time in the dorm room, you know curfew all the time. Really gets you thinking a lot, you stare at the wall a lot and you just get a little crazy thought."

The new look was given a thumbs up by freshman guard James Young. "I like it, it's real different." said Young. "My hair use to be that color in the summer. It's just different from everybody. He likes different things, I like different things, so I think I like it."

John Calipari is fine with the new look, but he's more concerned about what happens on the court. Calipari said he's not the tatoo police and he's not the hair police, but he told Cauley Stein. "Looking like that, you better play."

The comparison made most is to Dennis Rodman, one of the great rebounders in the game's history. Rodman tattooed his body, dyed his hair and even wore wedding dresses. Calipari coached against Rodman when he was in the NBA. " He would shut you out and get every rebound, play 40 minutes and then I saw him on the tread mill after the game, in our place."

Cauley-Stein isn't so young that he's not aware of Rodman. "He played a very, just of kind of smart psychological warfare on the basketball court. He did a lot of crazy, wierd things."

Willie said he won't be doing any of the wierd stuff. Calipari is looking for results. "He (Rodman) had just played 40 minutes, had like 18 rebounds and he went on the treadmill. You can paint your hair all you want, just be like him."

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