Wiltjer says he'll be better

UK sophomore Kyle Wiltjer says he plans to be better in the upcoming season. Coming off the bench as a freshman Wiltjer showed what he culd do beyond the 3-point line but he believes several parts of his game have improved.

Wiltjer is the returning player who's expected to make the biggest contribution on John Calipari's fourth UK team. "There are a lot of things the fans haven't seen from me. Just having that off season just to work on my game and my body.

Number one draft pick Anthony Davis was in Lexington in September, he played with Davis and he checked in with John Calipari. "He said Kyle Wiltjer's way better. Way stronger, legs are stronger, skills set, he's doing more, he said Kyle's way better than what he was. That bodes well for us."

Wiltjer says added strength will help his game. "I think I'm going to be more explosive, stronger, quicker, I mean I've worked on a lot of parts of my game, especially my post game just to be tougher to guard."

Wilter will definitely play more of a leadership role and Calipari feels good about that. "Sophomore year in high school state title, junior year in high school state title, senior year in high school state title, freshman year in college national championship. This kid wins and he wants to play with the best players."