Woodyard, Tamme back for UK homecoming

Lexington, Ky - (WKYT) This weekend is UK's homecoming and that means former Wildcats will be making a return to Lexington. Denver Broncos' linebacker, Wesley Woodyard and tight end, Jacob Tamme were at Keeneland as part of the 'See Blue Day', associated with UK's homecoming festivities. The former UK football great were signing autographs and having their picture taken with hundreds of fans. "It's always good to come home!" says Woodyard. Bringin' back the memories of the good days, y'know? Being around old teammates, being in Lexington, being able to come back and show the love and receive the love. I've missed this."
As UK fans know, Tamme and Woodyard played together at Kentucky and now are with the Broncos. "Me and Jake (Tamme), we are like brothers. I think the thing that drew us closer is the love we share for the game and the love we share for Kentucky. Nobody loved the game more than me and him." Tamme agrees, "When we left UK, you never imagine you're going to get to play with Wesley Woodyard again, y'know? We went through so much here (at UK) and had such a great time together, when you get an opportunity to do it again, it blows your mind."
These two did endure quite a bit while in UK Blue and White. So they understand the emotions this group of Wildcats are struggling to conquer. Woodyard remembers it vividly, " My freshman and sophomore years that's what happened to us. Everybody got hurt, but the positive thing is, you have to put young guys in there to play. Tamme, who was a standout receiving tight end with the Wildcats, goes a step further. "There are similarities. There are a lot of young guys playing and I remember what it was like going through those first couple of seasons. We went 2-9 one year and 3-8 in another one, they were tough years."
Despite what the Wildcats are going through on the field, Woodyard and Tamme are here to enjoy a weekend. " I'm glad to be back supporting these guys because I know what they are going through as a player. It's great to be back home, just awesome to be back in Kentucky."