Wyche speaks to Kentucky coaches, promotes safety

Former NFL coach Sam Wyche was in Danville on Saturday, promoting football safety during a coaches clinic.

Wyche, who led the Cincinnati Bengals to the 1988 Super Bowl, is part of a group of coaches and players who are speaking across the country for “Practice Like Pros,” which promotes safer, more progressive practice techniques at the grass roots level.

“It should sift down into college and high school, middle school all the way to little leaguers,” Wyche said about safer practices. “We try to bring the message to high school and middle school coaches around the country, that this is the way the pros practice, these are the techniques they use.”

Nearly two dozen coaches attended the clinic at Centre College, where they heard from Wyche and former CBS Sports producer Terry O’Neil, who has created a video presentation of “Practice Like Pros.”

Their presentation focuses on less tackling in practice, citing injury and concussion statistics across the country.

“You're gladiators, boys and girls. I'm telling you, when you go out there, you don't know if you're going to walk off without a limp. That's just the way it is,” Wyche said.

“They’re (players) stronger, they're faster. They're techniques are better. They're diets are better,” he added. “Everything is improved. And so you're going to get much more contact, more impact at contact. The players really have to lighten up in practice to save it for gameday.”

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