Selected Community Events

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Return to the Hiding Place Movie Premiere

Jul 27, 2015 4:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Messiah Anglican Church, 213 E. Main Street (Site location Stanford Presbyterian Church lower level) Stanford, KY 40484

When Corrie ten Boom realizes the rising Nazi empire will swallow Holland and create the holocaust of every innocent Jew in secret death-camps, she faces the deadly threat of these "Death-Skull Storm Troopers" with a surprising remedy: an army comprised of untrained teenagers. Around that same time, brilliant young physics student, Hans Poley, chooses not to join the Nazi party. To protect him, his parents force him into hiding in the home of Corrie ten Boom. While in hiding, he witnesses the atrocities toward the suffering Jews and decides he must do something. Hans is drawn by resistance fighter, Piet Hartog, and love of Piet's life - Aty van Woerden (Corrie ten Boom's niece) into an intricate web of espionage and clandestine activities centered in the famous Hiding Place. As part of Corrie ten Boom's army of untrained teenagers, Hans, Piet, and their friends navigate a deadly labyrinth of challenges to rescue the Jewish people in their modern-day, panicked exodus from death while embarking on a nonstop, action-packed hunt with the underground involving Gestapo hijacks, daring rescues, codes in windswept old windmills, and stunning miracles in one of history's most famous dramas. Climaxing in the true, breath-taking rescue of an entire orphanage of Jewish children marked for mass execution by Hitler's assassins, audiences will both cheer and weep at this exciting, sobering tale of Hans and the youth movement that dared to resist one of History's cruelest tyrants.

Tickets are $7.00 each and can be purchased online in advance at

View the official Return to the Hiding Place trailer at:

Wilfred Verhoff

Hoovey Movie Premiere

Jun 25, 2015 4:00 PM - 6:30 PM

Messiah Anglican Church, 213 E. Main Street (Site location Stanford Presbyterian Church lower level) Stanford, KY 40484

When promising high school basketball player Eric “Hoovey” Elliott collapses on the court, doctors discover a life-threatening brain tumor. Hoovey will survive the high-risk surgery, but at what cost? Can he relearn to walk, read, even to see clearly? The road is long, and meanwhile overwhelming medical bills threaten to undo everything his parents, Jeff and Ruth, have taken a lifetime to build. With seemingly no one to turn to—but with tenacity and love born of faith—an entire family regains its footing. Hoovey learns to read again, to dribble and shoot a basketball and, finally, stepping out in faith, he’s back on court for another shot at his dream . . .

Tickets are $6.50 each and can be purchased in advance at

View official Hoovey Movie trailer:

Wilfred Verhoff

Hunger Games movie and lecture @ Big Sandy CTC Pikeville

Apr 8, 2015 2:00 PM

Big Sandy Community and Technical College - Pikevill Campus S231
There will be a showing of the first Hunger Games movie followed by a lecture by Rebecca Mullins on the connection between the Hunger Games and Appalachia at Big Sandy Community and Technical College in Pikeville. The movie will start at 2:00PM and the lecture will begin at approximately 4:30PM.

William Bowman, (606) 218-1245,


Oct 26, 2012 - Oct 27, 2012 11:59 P.M., 8:00 P.M.

Leeds Center for the Arts
First time ever screening of TRHPS at the Leeds! Attendees encouraged to come in costume. Prop bags & cash bar available (ID required). Free parking on the street & in the Municipal lot. Admission: $6.00

Jae Alexander, (859) 771-0739,

'Guilty' Movie Premier

Paramount Arts Center 1300 Winchester Avenue Ashland, KY 41101

Guilty, the second movie for local production company, Westwood Productions, will premier at the Paramount Arts Center in Ashland, Kentucky on Wednesday, July 18, 2012 at 7:30 p.m. Admission will be FREE and concessions will be available for purchase.

This is the second effort for filmmaker David Cordial who started Westwood Productions in association with Fairview Baptist Church where he serves as Associate Pastor – Children’s Minister. Cordial, an Ashland native, writes faith-based movies that present God’s message of salvation in unique ways. He says, “In today’s world we learn a lot more by what we see and less from what we hear. By putting the Gospel message in the form of movies we become a medium that is easily acceptable by almost everyone. Everyone likes movies, everyone wants to be entertained.”

Guilty stars Marlon Robinson who plays Paul, a prisoner who maintains his innocence while his wife, played by Robinson’s wife Lori, struggles to make him see his guilt. Cordial also stars in the film as Tiny, an acquaintance of Paul’s who tries to help him through the struggles he faces while in prison.

The film was shot during the spring and summer of 2011 and used actors from the church. Children as well as adults participated in the filming. Not only did church members work as actors but some also lent their homes for use during filming. In addition, the church was used for many scenes. The West Virginia State Penitentiary located in Moundsville, West Virginia which went out of operation in 1995 allowed the crew to film some scenes there as well. The film’s editor, Isaac Stambaugh, is also an Ashland native but now lives in Cincinnati and works as a producer for Rebel Pilgrim Productions.

Cordial hopes to see many people attend the premier at the Paramount. More information about the movie can be found at the website:

David Cordial

Triangle Park Komen Movie Night

Aug 10, 2012 8:00 P.M.

Triangle Park Downtown Lexington