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MRSOE! (The Most RACES Show on Earth!)

Oct 3, 2012 9:00 P.M.

Natasha's Bistro & Bar - 112 Esplanade
MRSOE! (The Most RACES Show on Earth!) is going on tour!

MRSOE! is a multicultural comedy showcase, featuring the funniest and edgiest stand-up comedians. Since 2005, MRSOE! has performed in front of sold out audiences in both Canada and the U.S. and now we're bringing our brand of funny, edgy comedy to the Southeast!!

MRSOE! will entertain and enlighten audiences about different ethnicities and customs through comedy. Our hope is to get people to realize that although we may have our differences, we are
essentially the same because we all laugh at the same things.

A portion of the proceeds from each show will go towards the YWCA Stand Against Racism initiative.

WHEN: Wednesday, Oct.3, 2012
WHERE: Natasha's Bistro & Bar - 112 Esplanade
TIME: 9:00pm (doors at 8:00pm)
TICKETS: $10.00
PHONE: 859.259.2754
To reserve your tickets in advance, you can visit the venue website at:,
or you can reserve through the MRSOE! website at:

Check out clips from our shows in Charleston, SC:

For more info, visit our website at
Neil Bansil