WATCH Chris Bailey's Fastcast

A cold front is touching off scattered showers and thunderstorms through Tuesday.

WATCH Micah Harris' Fastcast

Watching a midweek chilly rain system

WATCH "We've got to show that love"

A local mentor echoes Governor Bevin's call to action to stop the violence.

WATCH WKYT Exclusive Former UK coach Guy Morriss battling Alzheimer's

Guy Morriss is sharing the story of the greatest challenge of his life in hopes of helping others.

WATCH Chris Bailey's Fastcast

Back and forth temp swings will help fuel more showers and storms.

WATCH Video shows hospital security guard in scuffle

A video people are sharing on Facebook shows a scuffle between a Georgetown Community Hospital security guard and a man who had recently learned about the death of a loved one.

Raw interview with Guy Morriss's doctor

Dr. Greg Jicha with the Sanders-Brown Center for Aging talked about treating Guy Morriss for Alzheimer's disease.



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