WATCH How much does it cost to keep Lexington litter free?

A clean place to live is a massive job... that costs hundreds of dollars, and involves an army of people.

WATCH Chris Johnson's Fastcast

The up and down weather pattern continues as a seasonable brand of air arrives Sunday.

WATCH Basketball team helps serve meals at Salvation Army Thanksgiving dinner

Volunteers of all ages came out on Thursday to serve food and spending time with those who may not otherwise have any company for the holiday.

WATCH Lexington shoppers seek Thanksgiving deals

Lexington shoppers seek Thanksgiving deals

WATCH Rockcastle County dog rescued after falling into sink hole

A Rockcastle County dog was able to make it home in time for Thanksgiving dinner after being rescued from a sinkhole.

WATCH Preliminary report on sexual harassment allegations halted

Details about state lawmakers and alleged sexual harassment scandals will have to wait after house democrats are demanding another investigative body should look into the scandal.


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