iWitness video| Chatsworth Drive fire

A viewer sent a video of a fire on Chatsworth Drive in Lexington.

WATCH Jim Caldwell's FastCast

Storms will lead us to some comfortable stuff for the middle of the week.

WATCH Richmond residents call for an end to gun violence at rally

Dozens gathered in downtown Richmond Sunday evening to honor those who have been killed by gun violence, and push for change to stop another death.

WATCH Versailles police investigating golf course vandalism

Versailles police are searching for those responsible in damaging parts of the Moss Hill Golf Course.

WATCH Pension lawsuit moving forward in court

The lawsuit has made its way through the Franklin County Circuit Court and many now expect it to move on to the state's Supreme Court.

WATCH New state immunization law takes effect this school year

Fayette County is still off for a few weeks, so students still have plenty of time to get their required vaccinations.


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