Midland Digital All Hazards NOAA Weather Radio with S.A.M.E. Technology

Now available at Lexington area Kroger stores

Severe weather can happen here in Central and Eastern Kentucky anytime during the year, not just in the spring. The Tornado outbreak on January 2, 2006 across Central Kentucky and the devastating and deadly tornadoes that moved through Western Kentucky and Southern Indiana in early November 2005 are prime examples of why every home needs a working Midland NOAA weather radio. Statistics show that in today's society the majority of citizens get their severe weather information from television, but what about the times when your television isn't on, say for example in the middle of the night while you are sleeping? This is where a working Midland Digital All Hazards NOAA Weather Radio can save your life during severe weather...day or night. These radios are affordable, and are well worth the investment. That's why the WKYT First Alert Weather Center is teaming with Kroger and the Midland Radio Corporation to offer Midland Digital All Hazards NOAA weather radios at a reduced price at 19 Lexington area Kroger stores.

Participating stores Include

Lexington- 12 stores






Mt. Sterling

Nicholasville- 3 stores

Elizabethtown- 2 stores




For $29.99, you'll get a Midland Digital All Hazards NOAA Weather Radio with the S.A.M.E technology, the number 1 selling weather radio in the Unites States. This radio is state of the art and gives you and your family the vital protection you need during severe weather. The Midland Digital All Hazards NOAA Weather Radio has a number of special features.

First and foremost this radio has a tone alarm. This is really a big key to the whole equation and radios without this feature are unable to alert you during severe weather. When the radio is in alert mode, it is on but silent, listening for the special tone that the National Weather Service puts out when a watch or warning is issued that will activate the alarm on your radio. This will serve as an "alarm clock" for you relative to severe weather, especially when you are sleeping or away from your television. Once you receive the alarm, you can listen to the radio message and tune into the 27 First Alert Weather Center for the latest information.

The big knock on weather radios until a few years ago was that they alerted everyone in a multi-county area so the alerts would go on and on for every county affected until the severe weather threat had passed. If you were in Lexington for example, and there was a warning just to the east of Lexington in Clark County, the alarm would sound even though it didn't affect you in Lexington. So what did many people do? Simply shut the radios off so that they wouldn't be disturbed by every alert...especially at night! This is a dangerous and potentially life threatening decision for anyone to make. That's the beauty of the S.A.M.E. technology. S.A.M.E. stands for Specific Area Message Encoding and it allows the user to program their radio so that they get alerts for a SPECIFIC county or counties! For example if you want Fayette County watches and warnings only, you are able to program this radio to accomplish that. You can program your radio with as many or as few counties as you like.

The Midland Digital All Hazards NOAA Weather Radio has a battery backup. This is critical in case of a loss of power, which can happen when severe weather occurs. Since this radio is an All Hazards unit, it will alert you to all other public alerts and emergencies, such as Amber Alerts and Civil Emergency Messages, just to name a few.

Pass the word along to family and friends that these radios are available now at Lexington area Kroger stores. It is critical to have a Midland Digital All Hazards NOAA Weather Radio in your home or business before severe weather strikes! Just like a smoke detector against fires, this radio is the best and cheapest life insurance policy you can buy for yourself and your family against severe weather. I'm convinced if everyone in the Eastbrook Mobile Home Park in Evansville had a NOAA weather radio early that Sunday morning in November 2005 when the deadly tornado rolled through, the death toll would have been reduced significantly.

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