Record-setting Radiothon for Floyd County Squad

By Marcus Conroy | 

The Floyd County Rescue Squad is the oldest in the state, and every member is a volunteer.

The squad held its 44th Radiothon during the weekend to raise money. Many around the community stepped up to help.

The Floyd County Rescue Squad was established in 1958, just months after the worst school bus accident in US history. It is the oldest squad in the state, and Captain Tim Cooley says volunteers are dedicated to saving lives.

"Every member here in this particular organization is a heart think any way. You don't do this if you don't have heart, you don't last long," Cooley said.

Members were there the night of the July Pike County flood, and rescued 36 people out of homes and trees.

However, the squad only operates on a $60,000 budget, and events like this radiothon help pay the bills.

"This radio auction keeps these lights on and it keeps the fuel in the trucks. We don't have a radio auction, you don't have a rescue squad," Cooley said.

A night with UK basketball legend Kenny Walker was among the items auctioned. The former Wildcat says he is just glad he can contribute to a worthy cause.

"As a former UK player, you're a role model and you have name recognition. It's all about trying to help people," Walker said.

Walker was part of a record-setting effort that Cooley says will help the squad keep going.

In total, the auction raised more than $40,000 for the squad, which was more than twice as much as last year's.

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