How To Protect Your Property From Forest Fires

By Dara Rees | 

Fires are being reported across the region, including a big one in the Lotts Creek Area of Perry County. We talked to fire crews about what could be the worst fire season in years and how you can protect your home.

Officials say the fire in Lotts Creek covers 200 acres of land. The Division of Forestry is working hard to contain the fire and keep it a safe distance from any homes in the area but there's also a number of things homeowners can do themselves to keep their own home firewise.

The Division of Forestry will be working around the clock to contain the massive fire. Workers create a fire line removing a line of dry debris just beyond the fire's edge. This will stop the fire from spreading beyond that point. Sometimes officials begin a second fire just inside this line which will burn inward and the fire will then burn itself out. There are also things you can do to minimize the risk of a fire spreading to your front door.

"A defensible space is most important. Keeping the grass cut, shrubbery cut down, cut the lower limbs of the trees," said Herman Slone with the Division of Forestry.

Removing leaves from yards, replacing wooden mulch with small stones, and keeping gutters clear of debris are just a few more ways to keep your home safe.

What should you do if a fire does come close to a home or structure?

"Have water hose ready especially during fire season if they know of it being close or getting ready to get close then just wet the ground down," Slone said.

As always, if fire becomes dangerously close, contact fire officials to see if evacuation is necessary.

Fire season ends December 15th, but officials say we could possibly see fires continuing past that date without a sizeable amount of rain or snow.

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