Lynch mayor says he is resigning

By Ashley Reynolds | 

The mayor of Lynch sends a letter to the city council saying he is resigning immediately.

Ronnie Hampton served as the city's mayor for more than one year.

Hampton says it was for personal reasons.
He says his duties took too much time away from his family and ministry.
Hampton is a well known preacher in the area.

Hal Woods has lived in Lynch all his life.
He used to serve on the city council.
He says it's hard to see Hampton resign.
"He's done a real good job. The man needs praise for what he has done," said Woods.
Woods says Hampton made the city's debt a priority.

Council members say Hampton is leaving the city with a solid ground.
"He has gotten us on our feet. We are doing much better. Hopefully in a few months or in a year we will be out of these past troubles we have been in," said Carl Obradovich.

On Thursday council members are meeting to evaluate the situation.

The council still has to officially accept Hampton's resignation before they find an interim mayor.

Hampton was on the ballot for the upcoming election.
He is leaving unopposed.
The Harlan County Clerk's office is accepting "write in" registrations until October 22nd.

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