Toddler Killed, Mother Injured In Lee County Accident

By Dara Rees | 

They were looking forward to celebrating his third birthday but tonight, an Eastern Kentucky family is trying to deal with the death of a two year old killed in a car accident.

Friends and family say Nathaniel Johnson was an active and playful little boy who will surely be missed.

"He loved to get out and play. Probably the best thing he liked to do was help his daddy feed the hogs," said Neighbor Tucker Bach.

Nathaniel's mother, Teresa Johnson, is recovering at the University of Kentucky Medical Center in Lexington. Johnson is pregnant, expecting a baby in December. Family members say she began to dilate after the accident, but that hospital officials were able to stop her from going into labor prematurely. Family members say both Johnson and her unborn child are expected to live.

Police say Johnson was traveling eastbound on Highway 52 when her car dropped off the shoulder and slid across the roadway. Her vehicle was then struck by an oncoming pick-up truck in the passenger side.

"He was just a real playful kid. He was a good kid, you know. You wouldn't dream something like that ever happening," Bach said.

Nathaniel Johnson would have turned three at the end of this month.

The driver of the pick-up truck in the accident was treated for minor injuries at the Kentucky River Medical Center.

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