Two teens, two children charged in connection with burglaries

Four juveniles now face charges in connection with burglaries at two Pulaski County homes.

Around 6:30 Sunday night, the Pulaski County Sheriff's Office responded to a burglary at a home on Sierra Drive.

Deputies say several electronic items were stolen from the home.

Mellissa Larusch says she came home to find her door broken, items missing, and her house was a mess.

"Toothpaste was all over the mirrors, and my fridge - they had just raked everything out of it on to the floor," said Larusch.

While investigating, deputies say they connected this burglary to another at a home on Stevens Drive. There, alcohol had been stolen.

The investigation also led deputies to charge four juveniles in connection to the crimes.

Deputies charged a 16-year-old with receiving stolen property over $500 and complicity to burglary, a 12-year-old with burglary and receiving stolen property over $500, a 11-year-old with burglary and receiving stolen property over $500, and another 16-year-old with burglary.

Deputies also charged the second 16-year-old with terroristic threatening and disorderly conduct after they say they discovered him arguing and threatening his father.

All of the stolen items were recovered except for a PlayStation system and a pair of sunglasses.

"I just think we need to have more activities for children to be involved in to maybe keep them out of this mischief, I think that would be key," said Larusch.

The juveniles were released to the custody of their parents, pending court appearances.

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