$725,000 Awarded To Man For Being Wrongfully Fired

More than 700-thousand dollars is awarded to an eastern Kentucky man for being wrongfully fired.

The ruling came down Monday in favor of Michael Kirk.

Kirk says it happened after an incident at a mobile home park in Floyd County in 2005.

Mike Kirk was the general manager at Luv Homes until one night when he shot and killed a man breaking into the business.

Police ruled the shooting self-defense and cleared him of any wrong-doing, but Luv Homes managers still fired him.

Kirk filed a lawsuit for wrongful termination and said their actions prevented him from getting another job.

A jury agreed with him and says Luv Homes parent company Clayton Homes owes him 725-thousand dollars for lost wages and emotional distress.

Kirk is pleased with the ruling, but his attorney says he's just glad to finally clear his name and prove he didn't do anything wrong.

“This is a man who just had his heart and soul ripped out. I mean he had everything he worked for taken away from him and vindication may not be a strong enough word here, he's overjoyed,” Phillip Wheeler said.

We couldn't reach anyone with Clayton Homes for comment.

Kirk says he plans to look for a new job now that the lawsuit is over.

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